Engaged Users Are Valuable Users

They interact, make purchasing decisions, recommend and bring in new customers. You give value, and they’ll return the favor.



4X Engagement

People that receive push notifications are more engaged with businesses and are much easier to retain. Targeted push notifications drive four to seven times the response rates when compared to other broadcast methods.

Increase Revenue

  • Motivate card users to take actions that lead to purchases.
  • Give card users offers and coupons when it matters the most (when they’re  nearby or right in your store).
  • Remind users of the products or services that you offer.
  • Boost in store traffic with notifications.


Proximity Marketing

With geo-location or beacon technology, when a card holder walks past a merchant, they get a little reminder on their phone which makes it incredibly seamless.

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Save Money

  • Reduce customer service phone calls by providing relevant messages.
  • Mobilize campaigns to streamline distribution.
  • Engage with card users without relying on your IT or development teams.


Push Messages

A scenario for engagement is using push messages to increase follow-through in refilling prescriptions and see improved adherence with daily pill reminders.

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Build Loyalty

  • Reward frequent store app users with special offers or discounts.
  • Mobilize your loyalty program with a dynamic digital wallet.
  • Deliver unexpected, but highly relevant, information or promotions.

Engage in a New Way

Mobile is where your customers are, and they’re not shy about engaging with brands that offer them something of value. In return, you meet business goals. Find out more about why you should choose Goolisa as your mobile engagement partner.

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Drive Retention

  • Serve customers proactively, such as notifying card users of an order status.
  • Tell users about new service features and news.
  • Nudge customer feedback.